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Project Safe Pet, Inc.
 Non Profit 501c3
All donations are tax deductible
Project Safe Pet, Inc. ® 1516 Village Harbor Dr, Lake Wylie, SC 29710

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A special thank you to the foundations below that have given tremendous support in our spay and neuter efforts!
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Did you know there are thousands of dogs in our community who live outside on chains? They are forced to endure hot summers, cold winters and never have enough food to eat or clean water to drink. Many of these dogs and their puppies end up in our local shelters and are killed. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

Project Safe Pet is working to solve this problem by rescuing, fixing and re-homing many of these dogs. We work collaboratively with other rescue groups and we are all unpaid volunteers dedicated to our mission. Every penny donated to our Organization directly benefits the animals.
Thank you to all of our volunteers who spend so much time helping save animals!!!! And thank you to ALL of our donors who make all of this happen!
Over 600 animals spayed or neutered in 2013 in 
York & Chester Counties!!!!
Over 350 animals saved and moved to safety in 2013!!!
Thank you volunteers and donors!!!!!!!!!
Lancaster spay/neuter
York Co spay/neuter
Chester Co spay/neuter